About Trond

Trond earned his Diploma of Ministry from Victory Christian School and Victory Bible Institute in 1992. Subsequently, he pursued numerous IT courses from reputable institutions such as HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, and Cisco.

Having traversed various countries, Trond gained practical experience and enhanced his perspective by staying abreast of the latest innovations. Additionally, he has contributed to projects for well-known companies in Australia.

Trond has shared his insights at numerous events, spanning churches, rallies, business forums, and training seminars across South America, Europe, the deserts of Africa, and the picturesque landscapes of Asia.

Over the years, Trond has accumulated valuable knowledge through involvement with major platforms like Uber, Ebay, Amazon, and Airbnb, providing him with a comprehensive understanding of the evolving microeconomy.

With a passion for stock market trading and expertise in options trading, Trond offers valuable insights. He is dedicated to sharing the wisdom he has acquired along the way and emphasizes the significance of well-being in one’s life.

He believes in empowering the mind through education on the “how-to,” enabling it to discern when to plant and when to harvest for a successful return.